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Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic Repair and Maintenance Services

Hydraulics play a crucial role in today's industrial systems.  The benefits of hydraulics can't be denied, giving us machinery that is powerful and reliable over very long service lives.  R.P. Hawboldt offers you a full-service hydraulics facility with an associated machine shop for all types of hydraulic repair and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide you the hydraulic components, system maintenance program and repair options to help you maximize machine productivity.  Simply stated, hydraulic equipment that is well maintained and efficient will help you get more work done.  Peak industrial efficiency requires machinery that is in peak condition.

We can help you protect your investment through a proactive hydraulics maintenance system.  We will set up a schedule that meets manufacturer's specs to:

     •  Replace components prior to failure
     •  Change fluids and filters
     •  Fix leaks
     •  Maintain system settings
     •  Sample fluids for temperature, cleanliness and viscosity
     •  Improve filtering, especially after fluid contamination

We also will recommend best practices for your shop, including using capped lines and nozzles and keeping drums covered.

As your equipment ages, replacement parts can be hard to find.  If you face this dilemma, R.P. Hawboldt's associated conventional and CNC machine shops can repair, refurbish or even remanufacture parts that meet or exceed manufacturer's OEM specs.  That's one key benefit of using a full-service hydraulic repair shop.

When you bring us a hydraulic system for repair, our usual procedure would involve:

     •  Disassemble
     •  Thoroughly clean
     •  Fix worn, broken or missing parts
     •  Verify tolerances
     •  Recondition or replace contact surfaces
     •  Reassemble
     •  Test through a range of pressures and flows
     •  Assist with startup

Interested in Hydraulic Repair Services? 

Call us (902) 752.6934, fax us (902) 928.1519, contact us or request a quote today, we are here to assist you.



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