Thursday, December 13, 2018
Vertical Turning

Vertical Machining from R.P. Hawboldt 

R.P. Hawboldt offers you the optimal combination of conventional turning and milling as well as the computer controlled machining for which we are known.  With our nearly unlimited process capability, we are able to choose the best combination of horizontal or vertical machining for your job.  This flexibility is what you want in a machine shop.   

Our vertical machining facilities offer the ability to work with especially large, heavy jobs as well as great accuracy especially when working at compound angles.  

Our vertical machining equipment includes:


Vertical lathe with a 120 inch swing by 87 inches under rail
Vertical lathe with a 48 inch swing by 35 inches under rail and a hydraulic tracer  

Interested in Vertical Conventional Machining?
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