Friday, November 16, 2018
Turning Centers

CNC Turning Centers

Are your parts on time?
Are they built to spec?
Is the price fair?
Is the machine shop responsive to your needs?

Aren’t these the things that make a difference to you?  Our CNC turning operation takes your needs very seriously.  Of course, we have the turning centers and computer power to complete your job on time, on budget and on spec.  We’ll list some of our equipment below.  But in reality, the four questions above separate a great machine shop from all of the others.  We know this and keep it at the forefront of our business model.

CNC Turning

Our CNC turning operation produces thousands of parts annually, all of which must perfectly meet the customer’s specs.  To do this, we have developed in-house production management processes that benefit you by turning out exactly the part you want, and benefit us through fast, efficient, cost effective production. We respond to your needs by:

     •  Incorporating industry best practices throughout our shop
     •  Carefully managing documents relating to specifications, inspection and quality control
     •  Ensuring that the right things happen at the right time in the manufacturing process
     •  Specializing in job costing that gives you a great product at a fair price, eliminating waste
     •  Using the most efficient scheduling methods including inventory control, batch-size optimization, purchasing efficiency and customer communication

Our CNC turning equipment includes:

Mazak Multi-Tasking Turning Center - Offers a maximum machine diameter of 660 mm and a maximum machining length of 1016 mm.

Mori-Seiki CNC Turning Center – A 2-axis center with live tooling and a 35.4 inch maximum length between centers

Leadwell CNC Turning Center – A 2-axis canter with an 11 inch maximum machining diameter and a 22 inch maximum length between centers

Are you interested in learning more about our capabilities?  Call us (902) 752.6934, contact us or attach a drawing or specification to our request a quote form today and let us satisfy your requirements.


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